One of the most important seaside resorts in Italy

For a long time, Mondello has been far from Palermo. The area was originally the swampy hunting reserve of King Ferdinand of Bourbon, and it was not a place where you could have any reason to go, because the whole area was plagued by malaria. Only in the late nineteenth century a solution was finally found to this problem, thanks to the initiative of the prince of Scalea who managed to get a massive reclamation financed, following which malaria was eradicated.

The merit of the birth of a “first-class” bathing resort goes to the company Les Tramways de Palerme who at the beginning of the 20th century performed all the urbanization works and built villas, roads, a tramway and the large bathing establishment that still is the heart of the beach.

For over one hundred years, Mondello have been one of the most important seaside resorts in Italy, thanks to the beauty of the sea and of the sandy beach, to the quality of services, the easy accessibility.

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